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Banners are a great way to promote your business or event. They are pretty versatile and can be used for many purposes. A banner can be made with many different options. Some are designed for outdoor use and have extra durable material to hold up against the wind and weather. Others have nice smooth finishes and can be installed into retractable banner stands for indoor use and portability. They can be as simple as two colors with vinyl cut letters on them, to bright eye catching full printed ones with many colors and even photos.

banners meridian idaho

What makes Signs Etc Banners different?

We make beautiful, eye catching, full color banners. Your banner will be designed and printed by us in house in our shop. This gives you more input on the design of the banner and allows us to make one for you of the best possible quality. Something that makes our banners stand out is that we hem all four sides of them. Basically all the edges will be folded over and secured with special tape that gives it double the thickness at all the edges. Other banner making stores will often only do two sides or sometimes none at all. Having the extra thickness on the edges gives the grommets extra material to hold on to. This makes our banners more durable and weather resistant.

We also have a brand new state of art large format high resolution printer. It works similar to the smaller computer printers used by most people in their homes. There are many differences but the main one is that it is much larger and can print on 64″ wide media instead of 8.5″ like a regular printer. Given this capability we can design a banner for you that uses photos, graphic designs, multiple colors, and different fonts. We can then simply print it off as one piece on our printer. Some types of banners are made by cutting a piece of banner vinyl to size and then sticking cut vinyl letters or shapes on it to create the layout. Although these types of banners have their uses they are pretty limited on design and quality.

How does a banner stand work?Banner Stand Meridian Id

A banner stand is great way to make a banner portable and utilize less space. The unit will consist of a sturdy metal base that will have your banner installed in it attached to a spring loaded wind up mechanism. It works a lot like a window blind. Grabbing the top of the banner and pulling up will unwind the banner from the base. It can then be secured on the back with an included metal rod. This displays banners in a upright vertical way. Once done, simply grab the top of banner, remove the metal rod, and let the banner wind itself back into the base with the spring loaded spool its attached to. These kinds of banners are usually for indoor use and will be printed on a smoother nicer looking vinyl as they do not need the same durability as an outdoor banner does.

What kinds of things can a banner be used for?

Here is a list of places and events that banners are typically used:

– Grand openings
– Sales
– Festivals
– Concerts
– Art shows
– Sporting events
– Store promotions
– Fundraisers
– Trade shows
– Museums
– Show rooms
– Retail stores
– Conferences
– Churches
– Corporate events

Feel free to contact us about your banner needs and we will come up with a great solution to make your message stand out. To see more banners we have made visit the banner section on our portfolio page.