Sign Company Meridian Idaho

Getting a great sign and choosing a good sign company can be the single most important marketing investment a company can make. Especially for brand new businesses. It is important to get the attention of people walking or driving by your establishment and almost nothing does that quite as effectively as good signage. One study has shown that 45% of new customers surveyed said they discovered new businesses by seeing their sign.

How can great looking signage help my company?

Another study of customers showed that 55% of them would not go to a business if it had a poor looking sign. A sign is like the first impression of your business to a customer and having great looking custom signage will go a long way to improve your image.

What is the difference between a permanent and temporary sign?

Permanent signs are often manufactured and installed by roadways or on building fronts. These often will show the business name, logo, what it does, and maybe some kind of contact info. These type of signs are meant to be installed on location and last for many years with minimal maintenance and don’t usually have any changes made to them. Typically these kinds of signs are made of steel or aluminum and often have lighting or other illumination in them so they are visible at night. They will be permanently attached to a building or cemented to the ground next to roads or parking lots. Some different types of permanent signs include:

– Channel letters
– Dimensional signs
– Monument signs
– Halo lit lettering and logos
– Illuminated signage

Temporary signs can be designed to promote specific products or services your business offers. Maybe you have a seasonal offering and the sign does not need to be displayed all year round. Or maybe you just leased a retail space and need a temporary sign to put up until your permanent one is installed. These kind of signs can be made of corrugated plastic, metal panels, printed on vinyl, poster board, paper, or a variety of other materials. Typically these are meant to be portable or can be put up on display and taken down easily.

How can I figure out the most effective use of signs for my business?

Call Signs Etc for a free consultation. We have been designing, fabricating, and installing all types of signs in Boise and Meridian for over 20 years. We can help you put together a plan that will allow you to get the most effective results with your indoor and outdoor signs. We can do everything from designing a logo to putting together a complete signage package with all the exterior and interior signs you may need. Feel free to visit the signs section of our portfolio to see some of our work and get ideas on how our solutions can help your company.