Vehicle Wraps Meridian Idaho

Would you like to take your plain, boring looking, car, truck, or fleet vehicle and turn it into an incredible head turning mobile showpiece or marketing tool? If so then Signs Etc is where you can get vehicle wraps in Meridian Idaho

Why should you work with Signs Etc?

We have designed, printed, and installed well over 300 vehicle wraps. We use only the best 3M vinyl materials and print on our brand new state of the art large format printer. We do all the graphic design, printing, and installations in house in our shop. Doing all the work under one roof allows us to maintain a high standard of quality for your project from start to finish.

What is a vehicle wrap?

A vehicle wrap is a large vinyl decal that covers the exterior surfaces of your car. Wraps can be designed and printed using full color graphic designs and even large photos can be incorporated. The wrap vinyl is not like sticker vinyl and has special adhesives and flexibility that allow it to conform to the curves of a car, truck, or van. After printing, the wrap will be overlayed with a special clear UV vinyl that provides a protective coating against sun fade and minor damage. There is even a special type of wrap material for windows that allows you to see out but still shows the graphics clearly from the outside.

Why do I want a vehicle wrap?

You’ve probably seen vehicles around town with amazing, intense, and crazy graphics on them. Or maybe you’ve seen something like an 18 wheeler truck with huge advertising graphics on the side. Maybe even a motor home or tour bus with giant photos on it. These are the kinds of things that can be accomplished with a vehicle wrap. If you have a plain looking car and want to trick it out to look like it has a crazy custom paint job, we can do that. We can also turn your company vehicles into mobile billboards that will attract attention from customers as they drive all over town. If you would like more info on the impact of vehicle wraps for company cars and trucks check out our article on vehicle wrap benefits.

Will a vehicle wrap hurt my paint?

The answer to this question is yes, it can. But it depends heavily on the condition of the paint before the wrap is applied. If you have a vehicle with a nice paint job that is not peeling, cracking, flaking, or having any other kinds of issues, a vehicle wrap will stick on well and last several years with no lasting damage to the surface underneath. If the surface is somewhat questionable to begin with then there may be some cause for concern later on down the road if the wrap is ever removed. We will be more than happy to inspect your vehicle and address any problem areas we see before moving forward with a wrap project. We take pride in the quality and longevity of our wraps and won’t install one on your vehicle unless we can guarantee it will give you years of trouble free service.

What kinds of things can a wrap be put on?

Wraps are actually pretty versatile. There are a few different types of wrap vinyls. Some are made to go on clean smooth surfaces. There are others that are made specifically for textured surfaces like interior walls or concrete. A full color printed wrap can be installed on something as simple as a window, or even something unusual like a refrigerator or piano. Some vehicles that are commonly wrapped include:

– Cars
– Pickups
– Enclosed trailers
– Vans
– Sprinter vans
– Box trucks
– motor homes
– motorcycles
– Buses
– Semi trailers
– Race cars
– Boats
– Service trucks

Visit our vehicle wraps portfolio page for more examples.

I want a wrap, what do I do now?

Call or come by our shop and we will provide you with more details on how the whole process works. We would be happy to discuss with you all the options that are available for taking your vehicle from boring to amazing.