5 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Boise Vehicle Wrap Provider

Ask what kind of materials they use?

There are many different types of vehicle wrap vinyls and each has its own purpose. They also come in different quality levels. To get a quality wrap you will want to choose a shop that uses high performance or high quality vinyls meant for wrapping and not intermediate vinyl. The vinyl we use is designed to conform to complex curves and concave or convex areas. It also has special adhesives that allow air to escape so there are no bubbles or creases in the final product. Intermediate vinyls are of poorer quality and will shrink, lift, and deteriorate quickly from UV exposure and regular wear and tear.

Will they be doing all the work from design to install or will it be outsourced?

Not all shops have the equipment or capability to do a vehicle wrap from start to finish. You will want to find out if they will be doing all the work in house or if they intend to outsource some of it. They may have someone do the design work, another company do the printing, and then install in a non ideal garage area. Doing it this way may save you and the shop money, but the ability to oversee the quality of each phase of the project will be lost and you likely will get a less than ideal job that won’t last as long as it could.

Do they have all the appropriate equipment and facilities to do the job?

To properly perform a vehicle wrap there are several pieces of specialized equipment that must be used. A large format printer will be needed to do the actual printing. You will want to find a shop that has a high end printer with good resolution and who knows how to use it. Without following proper print techniques the final appearance of your print can suffer. Overlaminates are special vinyls that are applied over the top of the printed vinyl to protect it from UV rays and other damage. A special laminating machine is used to do this and it must be done properly to ensure it adheres well and does not have any contaminants, bubbles, or creases in it. And lastly, wrap vinyls must be applied in a clean dry area at certain temperatures. If the shop you are looking at does not have a dedicated wrapping area with temperature control you will likely not get the best possible results for the conformity and adhesion of the material that you should.

What is the warranty for wraps?

If you are inquiring about getting a vehicle wrap and no warranty is offered you should definitely find another wrap provider. Like most products, vinyl wrap manufacturers have certain specifications that must be met to make a warranty valid. Make sure the shop you work with is aware of these conditions and follows all proper procedures so a warranty claim can be validated if it comes up. Most wrap manufacturers will provide at least a 3 year warranty on their materials. If the shop you are working with does not have this then they are probably using sub par materials and poor installation practices. A good shop will discuss the warranty options available to you and will stand by them in case anything does happen.

How long have they been doing it and what is their experience?

With somewhat easily accessible equipment and knowledge these days it makes it easy for almost anyone to open a sign shop. The problem with this is just because they have the resources to open a shop does not mean they have the skills or knowledge needed to do good quality work. You will want to do some research and check their references to make sure they have all the requirements to meet your needs. Signs Etc has been in business over 20 years and has done hundreds of wraps. We have long since made all the mistakes and discovered what to do and what not to do. We are not the cheapest shop in town nor the most expensive. But we do all our work in house and you can rest assured we have all the equipment and experience to complete your project with the highest level of quality and detail. Come by and take a tour of our facility and we would be more than happy to help show you how we can help your business gain more exposure with effective signs and graphics.