What Is A Seamless Vehicle Wrap?

A seamless vehicle wrap is designed so that each panel of your car is covered in one large piece of vinyl. Similar to how you would paint the entire exterior of a door, fender, or hood. A seamless wrap is meant to cover the entire exterior of a panel in one piece. Some sign shops do not have printers that are capable of printing graphics large enough to cover entire panels and therefore must print them in two or three pieces. Our large format printer can print on vinyl up to 65″ wide and allows us to print a graphic that will cover most hoods, doors, truck bedsides, fenders, or quarter panels in one piece. This gives you a much nicer looking wrap that will also last longer without any exposed seams or edges. We are able to do seemless wraps on most cars, trucks, and some vans but there are limitations to what we can do with box trucks or semi trailers. Those most certainly will be done with many separate panels but we have special techniques for applying those kinds of wraps so they look great and are long lasting too.