Get Night Time Exposure With 3M Reflective Vehicle Wrap Film

If just getting a regular vehicle wrap is simply not good enough for you then why not step it up and get a reflective vehicle wrap? Just like the highly effective wraps that are found on lots of company vehicles today, these provide the same head turning results but they glow at night and appear to light up when light hits them. As you can  see from the video above the 3M reflective graphic film that is seen on the semi trailers really stands out in the daytime. It has provided Lumber Liquidators with over 100 low cost mobile billboards that are constantly on the road traversing the country. However at night they become giant glowing advertisements that people will definitely take notice of. If you saw a 40ft long glowing trailer coming down the road you would certainly notice it right?

In fact, it might be something so unique that you might even tell your friends about it later because it looked so cool. This is a good example of how this type of advertising is gaining many businesses the kind of exposure they can’t get anywhere else. And did you take note that the cost of maintaining each truck is only $200 a month? Compare that to the $3,000-$15,000 monthly cost of a stationary billboard and you can see why a custom wrap is the most cost effective form of outdoor advertising.

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